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Berserq's AI Artist creates photorealistic content on-demand. Photos & videos are generated using AI. Commercialisation using Web3 technology.

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Reimagining intellectual property

Berserq's AI Artist creates unique photorealistic visual content, on-demand, for advertising agencies and brands.

Alongside the AI Artist is a community of stock photographers. Preview our creator/innovator dashboard below. A creator's/innovator's portfolio, analytics, insights and payouts are available at their fingertips. See the latest trends, work smarter, flexibly and maximise income opportunities. Focus more time on creativity and innovation.

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Berserq's AI Artist - key benefits


On-demand creation

Effortless experience



Developed by experts

No more endlessly searching stock photos!

Businesses, ad agencies and marketing managers expect a large variety of rich content they can affordably buy without legal risk. But they suffer from inferior searching experience & outdated pricing Finding one suitable stock image is time-consuming. It takes hours of keyword searching, reviewing licenses, then buying, resizing and reformatting it for final use. So its unsurprising that 83% of marketers feel burned out.

From a survey of 200 marketers, 41% said stock photos did not help meet their goals. But despite their disappointment, they still spent 9% of their budget buying stock photos as they lacked other viable alternatives.


no more endlessly searching stock photos for Branding agency


Berserq's AI Artist

Berserq's AI Artist creates customised photorealistic images almost instantly. Its a reasonably priced, viable alternative that brands and agencies will find refreshingly simple to use to quickly get the visuals they want.

Happy creatives and Branding agencies

Making easy-to-use products for creators & their fans

The creative industries – including advertising, architecture, arts and crafts, design, fashion, film, video, photography, music, performing arts, publishing, research & development, software development, electronic games & publishing and audio/video content creation – are the lifeblood of the creative economy.

In 2012, creative industries contributed $3.6 trillion globally. The creative economy is a key driver of long term sustainable economic growth. Although we're now at the dawn of AI hegemony, human creativity is unmatched and boundless by even the best multi-billion parameter AI models.

Berserq develops software to simplify and transform the processes that creators and business stakeholders employ when interacting with intellectual property (IP). Berserq creates a many-to-many ecosystem of creators, investors, customers/users/licensees and intermediaries, through data-driven decisions and process automation.


  • Inventors
  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Authors
  • Writers
  • Researchers
  • Photographers
  • Designers

Business & Fans

  • eCommerce entrepreneurs
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Fans
  • Communities
  • Customers


  • Berserq's SaaS suite will enable essential IP checks to be performed easily and quickly. Starting with TMchecks.com launched in 2021, a forever-free tool comprising a name generator, trademark clearance and domain availability in one web application. Seven years in the making, PatentImages.com, a visual discovery engine for patents, has beta testing planned Q1 2022.
  • Berserq's L3 blockchain platform and NFT marketplace will unlock the value generated by creators via tokenisation for easier commercialisation of their IP. Launch planned in Q4 2022

Machine Learning & Blockchain will eat the world

Reimagining intellectual property using technology

We believe in the power of software to change people's lives. Great software is a change agent; it has the power to make people infinitely more productive, to entertain them, to free them with insights; and create: enduring relationships with other people, new opportunities and ideas everywhere. We've always believed this since we unboxed our first computers.

To do this, we believe in mission-driven engineering. We strive to establish exceptional teams, instill them with meaningful purpose, and relentlessly challenge them to deliver exacting, satisfying experiences. Everything we do, every line of code we write, needs to be instilled with purpose: every pixel should be perfect, and every byte of data needs a reason to exist. This belief ultimately led us to form Berserq, with a mission to unleash the full potential of creative industries where every creator has equal opportunity to prosper irrespective of how they started.

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